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Employment Lawyers

Norris Ward McKinnon provides expert assistance for a range of employment law and employment court proceedings. We help employers and employees find effective solutions to employment issues and problems. Our team can act as employment lawyers in Waikato and across New Zealand, providing professional representation when you need it most. Our Hamilton employment lawyers can develop all documentation employers & employees need to help their employment relationships run smoothly. This includes employment agreements, policies and procedures, disciplinary, performance improvement and restructuring processes.

As an employee, you have a set of basic rights that your employer must acknowledge and provide. Basic as they are, companies cannot arbitrate with these privileges whether they are in the employment agreement or not. This is something that applies to all employees, part or full time.

Nevertheless, there are some employers that take advantage of the fundamental nature of these employee rights. Many people do not take the time to familiarise themselves with their rights, and while it may not seem like the company is on the right side, they may have been infringing on your rights.

On the other hand, the challenge for employers is drafting contracts that are industry specific. This way, you can ensure that there will be no problems in the future and that responsibilities are clear to new employees. These are paramount necessities that every company must prioritise and every employee must receive what they are entitled to, from the bottom to top.

Getting things right at the beginning removes much of the potential for problems to arise. When things do go wrong, having our Hamilton labour lawyers advising you can help you avoid unnecessary proceeding and help you find a mutually beneficial solution. Our lawyers are experts in the practice area and determined in their advocation for employer or employee clients at all levels of the personal grievance process. For professional representation in disciplinary meetings, Mediation and in the employment relations authority and the employment court, come to Norris Ward McKinnon.

If you have other legal concerns, contact our practice to discuss your options and get sound legal advice. If possible we’ll set up an appointment with our labour and employment lawyers. The team at Norris Ward & McKinnon will work with you address your issues and strive to develop an initial plan that will agree with your desired conclusion.

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