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Relationship Property


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Relationship Property

For first-rate representation on all matters concerning relationship property law, talk to the experts at Norris Ward McKinnon. Our relationship property lawyers can develop a strong, evidence-backed argument that works to your advantage. We have specialist expertise in resolving relationship and de facto property disputes when a relationship comes to an end. We represent clients in all proceedings in both the Family Court and High Court to resolve these issues, if necessary. Relationship Property structures have become increasingly complex and a specialist lawyer is required to resolve these issues. This includes negotiating “pre-nups”, which are agreements contracting out of the Property Relationships Act and are essential in some situations.

You can be confident that our relationship property lawyers will do their level best to ensure a positive result. Rest assured we will fight for what is legally yours.

Norris Ward McKinnon offers a specialist-level handling of relationship property law. Contact us today for an appointment.

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