William Zhang


William Zhang

Specialist Areas

  • Commercial property
  • Leasing
  • Alcohol licencing
  • Resource management

William’s focus is commercial and property law. He also has a background in employment law, resource management and alcohol licencing.

He speaks fluently both in English and Mandarin. William’s multi-culture background adds a valuable asset to his practice here at NWM.

LLB (Hons) - University of Waikato

William律师专业于商业法,公司法,土地和财产法。 同时William律师拥有雇佣法, 资源管理法和酒类牌照法的执业经验以及法庭辩护经验。

William律师拥有怀卡多大学一等荣誉法学学士学位和中国华东政法大学法学学士学位。来自中国,并长期在新西兰学习和工作, William律师的法律专业和多元文化背景是NWM律师事务所的宝贵财富。

William Zhang