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Our History

Law Firm was founded in 1919

July 18 1919

Hamilton in 1919
Hensleigh Carthew ( Car) Marryat Norris (1880-1993) began practicing in 1919 after returning from WWI. Norris Ward McKinnon as it is known today, has been operating as a preeminent Hamilton Law Firm ever since.

Car Norris was a gunner with the first brigade in WWI. After the war Car Norris began practising in Hamilton (1919). Car had an extensive and honored career. During WWII, Car was a captain and served in the home Guard in the Hamilton battalion. An Honorary secretary ( 1922-1944) and president (1945-1947) of the Waikato RSA. Car served as the president and valued member of the Hamilton District Law Society and New Zealand Law Society between 1957-1969.

A.G (Joe) Ward joins the legal partnership

April 30 1945

A.G. (Joe) Ward
A.G ( Joe ) Ward was invited to join the practice after returning from the war. Joe was an active community man and was responsible for new clients and lead the team during court appearances.

McKinnon & Co was established

June 19 1990

McKinnon & Co Was Established
McLeod Bassett Buchan merged with Norris Ward in late 1990. Richard Garbett retired from the practice, with the firm changing its name to McKinnon & Co. The partners at that point were
Bob McKinnon, Richard Jerram,
Ron Backhouse, Paul Barris
and Lex De Jong.

2012 The NWM House

May 01 2012

Norris Ward McKinnon House, Hamilton