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Commercial Property, Financing, & Leasing Advisors


Not just a law firm, your law firm

Let Norris Ward McKinnon conduct the due diligence to determine the advantages and risks that come with each commercial property.

Our commercial property advisors work diligently to help you find the perfect base for your business.

We will advise you at the critical stages of a commercial property transaction, most importantly before you are committed to the deal. We can assist with:

  • Due diligence investigation of a property or business
  • Business structuring and tax implications
  • Negotiation of finance and advice in relation to loan securities
  • Preparation of the agreement for sale and purchase – suited to the particular circumstances of the transaction
  • The smooth and efficient completion of the transaction



When it comes to commercial property financing and all aspects of commercial property deals, trust that you have a reliable partner in Norris Ward McKinnon. You can be confident that every move we make will be beneficial to you.

Get in touch with us today to learn more about the legal solutions we offer and how we can help you.

Our Commercial Property, Financing, & Leasing Advisors Team

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