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Equine Lawyers


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Norris Ward McKinnon have a team of specialist equine lawyers available for customers in the equestrian industry. Our Equine team provides the following racing and non-racing services to the equestrian industry:

  • Ownership – Trusts, companies, partnerships, syndicates, leasing
  • Selling and buying horses – agreements for sale and purchase, lease of a horse, obligations, protecting your investment, limiting your liability
  • Breeding agreements, performance guarantees, AI agreements, leasing agreements
  • Horse management and welfare – Contracts between trainers and owners, trespass issues
  • Competing – Sponsorship and competition issues, formations of societies and clubs
  • Employment – Industry practice, equine-specific employment agreements, dispute representation
  • Dispute resolution, debt collection, taxation


Our equine lawyers work closely with you when dealing with all the formalities around horses. Few other businesses can offer the specialist level service that is available from the team at Norris Ward McKinnon.

When competing in official races and other equine contests, you can rest assured that your equine lawyer will make sure that you are good on all fronts.

Your horse’s welfare and your profits may be on the line. Put yourself in a much better place to negotiate with Norris Ward McKinnon by your side. Give us a call today so we can set an appointment and discuss your options.


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