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Trusts and Estates


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We know it’s essential that clients’ affairs are dealt with in a sensitive, dignified and tidy fashion following their death. We advise on the processes involved in administering an estate, the necessary documentation to obtain a grant of probate where a Will is available, the administration of intestate estates and the collection and distribution of estate assets, whether in New Zealand or overseas. If a dispute arises over a will or estate we have lawyers who specialize in resolving these situations.

Our Trusts and Estates Team

Kerry Reed
Senior Solicitor
Ph: (07) 834 6023
Annette Tunley
Senior Registered Legal Executive
Ph: (07) 834 6007
Wendy Law
Senior Registered Legal Executive
Ph: (07) 834 6094
Kathryn Lamb
Senior Legal Executive
Ph: (07) 834 6048

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