Workplace Investigations

Workplace Investigations

We can carry out workplace investigations into allegations of bullying, harassment, and/or misconduct.

Workplace investigations are becoming commonplace, but they can also be time-consuming and expensive if not managed properly. A good investigator finds the information an employer needs to consider before making any decisions. A robust and fair process then helps an employer to justify any decision it makes. Complex or sensitive claims require careful management by skilled workplace investigators.

Our workplace investigators have experience conducting investigations into a wide range of alleged misconduct on behalf of employers in both the public and private sectors. Our investigations follow international best practice (Association of Workplace Investigators, Inc.), and our lead workplace investigator is a Certificate Holder of AWI (AWI-CH).

In New Zealand, workplace investigations must be undertaken by licensed private investigators or lawyers with current practising certificates. Investigations aren’t conducted in a vacuum, so having an investigator with legal training can be useful when navigating challenging complaints, particularly ones involving bullying or harassment or multiple parties.

Our team can investigate complex and sensitive claims, including allegations involving harassment (e.g., sexual, racial), discrimination, bullying, misuse of property, unauthorised expenditure, conflicts of interest, protected disclosures, breaches of policy, and inappropriate IT use. All of our investigations are impartial, fair, confidential and discrete.

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