Information & Technology

Information & Technology

We specialise in all aspects of IT law and regularly advise vendors, service providers, customers and partners on technology issues.

NWM's Corporate and Commercial team provide expert advice on legal issues relating to technology.  Whether you are starting a technology based business, have a new product or service, or are an existing business with new developments, we can help.  We are familiar working with cross functional teams on issues which may span intellectual property, privacy, technology, structuring and regulatory matters.  

We help with IP and data ownership and licensing matters, as well as agreements for these circumstances. We often help clients with building commercialisation models, to extract value from their IP. 

We have experience with corporate transactions involving tech companies and help clients with projects of all shapes and sizes, such as configuring off the shelf technology and data migration, through to bespoke software development projects and cloud based technology.

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We can assist with:

  • Software and hardware development, licensing, distribution and commercialisation
  • IT procurement, including tender processes
  • IT and business process outsourcing, including off-shoring and cloud projects
  • Professional service engagements, including system implementation and development
  • App and website development 
  • Establishment and maintenance of channel partner relationships
  • Commercialisation of IP including ownership and licensing
  • Data security, cyber risk, and privacy
  • eCommerce, eMarketing and adhoc IT projects