Corporate Structure & Governance

Corporate Structure & Governance

NWM advises entities on all aspects of operational, structuring and governance options.

Norris Ward McKinnon advises on all aspects of corporate law, structuring and governance, no matter the size of your entity.  We work with companies, co-operatives, partnerships, trading trusts, statutory entities, joint ventures and sole traders.

We advise on risk and asset protection so that appropriate structures can be put in place.  We help governing bodies with transactions and general governance matters, such as complying with their applicable duties, as well as day-to-day compliance.  We also advise shareholders and owners on their rights and obligations, as well as establishing shareholding and agreements between owners. 

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We can assist with:

  • Advising corporate and non-corporate entities
  • Advising on structure, and establishing entities, and amendments to existing structures
  • Documenting arrangements between owners
  • Drafting shareholders agreements
  • Advising shareholders and directors on their rights and duties