Start-Ups and Early-Stage Businesses

Start-Ups and Early-Stage Businesses

We provide legal advice on starting businesses, acquiring businesses, and investing in business start-ups.

Whether you are starting your own venture, acquiring an existing business for growth or investing into a start-up, it is critical that you have sound advice from advisers you can trust. We take real pride in those clients who we partner with from day one and whose journey and growth we share in over time.

Our team has broad experience across all corporate transactions and the full corporate life cycle. At the beginning of the life cycle, that includes advice to founders, purchasers and those providing both debt and equity venture capital.

Regardless of the size of the transaction, no two early-stage arrangements are ever the same and each will have its own nuances – whether that is the parties themselves, the nature of the underlying business or the expectations of those involved.

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Included below is a link to our ‘Getting Down to Business’ guide for those starting a business, which we welcome all founders, acquirers and investors to consider.